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Vehicle photos, data management, window labels and buyer's guides.


Optimize inventory, reduce in-house costs and improve vehicle "turn" with certified Agents on your lot multiple times a week insuring your inventory is current.


Hang tags. Craigslist Listings, Dealer Websites, Image Enhancements and more.

Data-Driven Science to Reduce Your Costs

Vehicle Content Merchandising is the magic that happens after a vehicle has been stocked into inventory. Engaging vehicle descriptions, stunning and consistent photos, video and accurate vehicle information are all crucial in positioning your inventory online and maximizing lead conversions. This is not about gut instinct…this is a repeatable, measurable, predictable, detail-oriented, data-driven science designed to reduce your in-house cost and get your inventory online quicker.

AutoUpLink Vehicle Content Merchandising Experts will visit your dealership multiple times a week to deliver inventory services faster, more economical and at a higher quality than third party vendors or in-house labor. They capture and optimize all vehicle data so you can stay focused on selling cars.

Does your current on-the-lot inventory management suffer any of the following symptoms?

After stocking a unit it can take days or weeks to get each vehicle online.

REMEDY – Our Agents will be at your dealership multiple times a week to capture and distribute new inventory content.

Your vehicles have photos and video that are out of date or none at all.

REMEDY: Don’t rely on third-party services or in-house staff to provide the focus or expertise necessary to quickly and properly capture the vehicle information.

VDP’s do not have video unique to each vehicle, reducing page views and time on site.

REMEDY: Create simple, custom videos of each vehicle that automatically replace the slideshows on your website, third party listings and YouTube.

Photo quality is inconsistent and you’re relying on photo slideshows to create the engagement only video can provide.

REMEDY: Our trained Agents maximize the value of photographs and video to reduce the amount of time each vehicle spends at your dealership.

Having vehicles listed online without photos is a constant battle you never seem to solve.

REMEDY: Our trained Agents have a refined system for capturing vehicle information. Quality inventory photos are a part of this system that only works because this is what they focus on every day.

You’re falling further behind your competition who have solved these challenges.

REMEDY: Consider the variety of services we offer, the potential time savings, the improvement in quality marketing content and give us a call at 651-484-3824 to see what we can do for you.

Time To Market

Our proven system will get your inventory online quicker and more independently.

Awesome Team

Our trained Agents and Managers are ready to make you more efficient.


Not just a lot of hard's also a science.


Taking the guesswork out of marketing your online automotible inventory.