Why Touch Every New Vehicle?

Clone New Vehicle Photos, Video and Spins to Achieve 100% Coverage

The more detail you have on each VDP, the better chance you have of making a sale. With Photo Droid, achieving 100% media coverage has never been easier. Pick one vehicle from the group. Create photos, video and a spin, and the rest of the vehicles in the group will receive the cloned content within hours. New vehicle unit sales can increase as much as 10 – 20% when photos, video and spins are present on VDPs for every new vehicle in inventory.

Problems Solved

Cloning solves business problems and drives sales–just like that.

In the past, creating photos for every new vehicle in your inventory took too much time to be cost-effective. But without any photos, video or spins for new vehicles, you’ll never get lead submission from shoppers, and “Photos Coming Soon” graphics just turn them off altogether. We’ve created Photo Droid to solve all these issues and more. Drive engagement and using cloning to work smarter, not harder to flank your competition.


Retailers that leverage cloning for new vehicle photos, video and spins see measurable benefits compared to dealers who have spotty coverage.


Photo, Video and Spin Coverage

Quickly achieve and retain the elusive 100% photo coverage for all new vehicles–instead of the 63% average coverage US retailers typically produce.


Manufacturers’ Factory Build Data

OEM Build Data ensures that photos, videos and spins captured for one VIN are matched with other new vehicles with exactly the same options and equipment.


Increase in Conversion Rates

Boost VDP conversion rates when vehicles are listed with accurate and engaging photos, video and spins for every new vehicle.


Reduction of Monthly Expenses

Cloning new vehicle media makes sure your employees or external vendors don’t have to bill the dealership for every new vehicle in inventory.


Have complete media coverage on every single vehicle in your inventory, in record time.

Your media coverage will be on a whole new level, with 25+ photos, a walk-around video, and an exterior & interior 360° spin on every single new vehicle. Plus, you can share cloned media across same franchise dealerships in your auto group to further reduce expenses. “With the ability to clone, we went from zero new vehicle photos to 95% photo coverage in less than two weeks! We now are at the point where we only take pictures of a few new vehicles a day. This for sure was a game changer for us.” John Rogers at Cape Coral Kia (#1 Kia Retailer in the U.S.A.)

Stop Struggling, Start Cloning.

Save money, save time, and get unprecedented vehicle media coverage with Photo Droid.