Don't assume all inventory management vendors are as quick and accurate as others.

The Dealer Managment System (DMS) is the heart of operations for your dealership.  When inventory arrives or is purchased, it is entered into the DMS.  The very next time we update, any vehicles added or sold are updated in our inventory list and fed to your website and other third-party advertising sites on the very next update.

With DMS integration and multiple exports a day, AutoUplinkMN gets your inventory posted quickly and accurately. You would assume that in today’s digital era this would be a standard feature with any vendor that handles inventory, but that’s not always the case.

Inventory Push to update vehicle listings on websites:

Can send data feeds to over 400 lead providers, dealer website providers, and auction sites (,, etc.)

Most feeds sent multiple times per day for quicker inventory updates.

Service includes feeds to a number of free sites (, etc) to expand your inventory’s reach on the web.

Find out how our Inventory Management Services can reduce your workload.